A cat who escaped a “collector” who had 70 in a very bad state.
In his eyes he keeps the horror of his first year of life.
Let’s help him erase it!


She’ll be fine anyway…
This is the ugly tale that people abandoning cats tell themselves.
But it took months to pick up, heal and restore trust for this beautiful lady cat, thrown on the street like a garbage bag.

Uffa (Italian Ugh)

The crisis of vocations also affects cats! The convent where the elderly Uffa lived was closed and the cat found refuge in Torre Argentina.
Will she be able to find peace with us too? We are sure of it.


This kitten is a cyclone … intermittently!
In fact, she suffers from a severe form of epilepsy, which the vet believes can be controlled with drugs.
Let’s bring her luck with an adoption at a distance!


Faraone is a big very short-sighted cat that does not particularly appreciate neither cats nor humans.
Do you want to try and change his mind?


Every now and there someone surprises us: a pet carrier with a mother cat and her 5 kittens on the top of the stairs!
A hungry and talented mother who unfortunately did not find a home for herself.
But she’s sweet and nice… with a very determined character!


Recovered from a terrible situation of hunger and mistreatment, miraculously escaped the FIP, neurological, how many he would have to tell, this beautiful cat…
Do you want to hear him? It’s worth it: he really makes you understand!


A very cute toothless old guy who drools like there’s no Tomorrow.
Irresistible, isn’t he?


Maybe Kalinda has known cruelty… we don’t know for sure.
What we do know is that she aspires to the title of Queen of the Balustrade!


Another victim of rhinotracheitis, the awful virus that makes cats blind!
But apart from that, Jefferson is a beautiful young and affectionate cat, with a great desire to play and be pampered.