Light-haired cats often have problems: the sun causes them tumors on the parts less protected from the hair, such as nose and ears.
This is what happened to Candido and the vet removed his sick ears.
Does he look sad? Let’s bring him luck!


He was a poor cat with a mangled paw and is now a star of Google Maps!
How far a cat has gone that does not move from the pedestrian area!

Carlo Erba

A curly tail makes this sweet cat a special one: he came out of his home and probably was hit by car. The trauma left him a neurological damage, which does not cause him problems at the shelter. Fall in love!

Mister Brown

A good cat! Good and dumb, but so good and dumb that he did not escape even in front of those who hurt him.
At Torre Argentina he should not fear anyone anymore!


Swinging between sweetness and sympathy… here is Mozart, young neurological cat! We were hoping for a real adoption, but he has a leaky faucet that does not prevent him from purring.


Cats in desperate situations arrive at TA from shelters around Rome.  Dreyfus is one of those cases.  He comes from the sea, he’s FIV positive and with a rhinotracheitis that made him blind.  He needed too much care for the small shelter in Anzio.  Our doors at Torre Argentina are open for those who, like him, deserve an adoption at a distance!


Rubio appeared among the ruins in the spring of 2015.
He was a beautiful, healthy young cat, with golden almond eyes and a mild character, and we thought it would be adopted immediately.
It has not been so, the years have passed and Rubio is still among us.
He would need a little luck … maybe distance adoption could bring it to him!


Pioppo has only three legs, but he does not know it!
So he runs, he jumps and climbs walls as if he had five legs. And when he is tired of so much trouble, he offers belly, throat and all of himself to caresses.


Here we have a real web-star! Maggiolina is the cat with the most paparazzi in the entire “Area Sacra”: she is beautiful and sweet and she’s the Queen of the pedestrian area. With people, she is very cuddly, but with us volunteers she remains aloof and untouchable… how can we get her to accept us?


Zenone is a good and sweet cat with a serious vice: he hates dogs! He hates dogs so much that in his old colony he did not hesitate to attack every dog he saw, no matter the size or disposition. Unfortunately he found the dog that removed this crazed cat from his neck with a bite that broke his leg so badly that it had to be amputated. Now Zenone is a tripod of Torre Argentina!